• Honesty is the best policy. Lying and scamming will not be tolerated and can result in a ban from the wiki.
  • Be polite and treat others with respect while discussing trading offers.
  • No shouting (typing in all caps).
  • One trade post per person per page. Please only start one trade post on each page. If you just posted and you need to add an item you have up for trade, please edit your existing post if it is on the same page instead of creating a new one.
  • Keep all trades on this page. Do NOT use any other page to post requests. Trade requests posted on other pages will be considered spam and will be deleted.
  • Selling in-game cards/items/accounts for real money is against the rules of the wiki.
  • Cross Trading is BAN WORTHY.
  • Have fun!

How to Post

  • Post your in-game ID and your buy or sell list(s). If you use this page regularly, consider registering.
  • There is currently no Android version of Galaxy Saga, but if/when there is, another trading area will be created.
  • Please confine all posts to trade offers only. For questions about the game, please go to the relevant article pages and post in the comment section.

Price Guides

Prices are not set in stone and change frequently. Use these guides as a reference, not a source of truth.

Abbreviations for Beginners

  • EP = Energy Pack
  • PP = Power Pack
  • HR = High Rare
  • SR = Super Rare
  • UR = Ultra Rare
  • PM = Perfect Max (Max fused card with perfect stats; using 2 maxed cards to fuse.)
  • RM = Regular Max (Regular base card at maximum level)
  • PF/PE= Perfect Fused/EX card but not max level
  • sk = Skill Level
  • IMP = Imperfect (A card fused from at least 1 non-RM card)
  • F(resh) = An unleveled card, typically level 1