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Trade is the act of exchanging cards or items between players. The following items can be traded:


Players may make trade requests with any other player who is at least level 20 with an account at least 1 week old. (Updated on Jan. 28, 2013)

Players may have up to five pending trade requests at one time. When a request has been made, it will pend for up to 48 hours unless the request is accepted, refused, or canceled. After the pending period, the trade will automatically be canceled.

Items or cards which are included in trades are automatically removed from the requesting player's inventory and put on hold until the trade request is completed or canceled; the receiving player does not lose items requested in a trade. If a trade is denied or canceled, players will receive all items back.


Each player may cancel a sent trade up to 3 times per day. This limit resets at 5:00 AM PST each day. There is no limit on refusing trades received from other players.


Items not listed above cannot be traded. These include:


Players may also send gifts between each other. Each player may send up to 20 gifts per day. The limit resets at 5:00 AM PST each day. In addition to all the items that may be traded, players may also gift non-event artifacts presuming the receiving player has discovered the set for the artifact being sent. Gifts are sent to the receiving player's present list.

Note that gifting, unlike trading, does not imply any obligation of receiving items in return. Gifting an item to a player cannot be undone and system administrators cannot take action for any gifting.

Just like trading, gifting is only available to accounts level 20+ and over 1 week old.

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