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The Imprisoned Princess was a limited time event that ran from 12:00am (PST) on 11/18/2012 until 8:00pm (PST) on 11/29/2012.


The Malkan Federation, Norch Republic and Vejim Empire... their mutualaggression was brought to an unexpected halt by the sudden appearance of Dark Matter, a Mysterious organization whose military capabilities overpowered even the mighty three.

Forced to scramble in the face of a new enemy, the three powers pooled their resources to form a unified mobile combat unit, Trinity.

And so Emilia, one of Trinity's squadron leaders, summoned her team for a briefing

"Listen up and listen well. We're heading to the planet Galend." she announced resolutely

Gaiend had an unsavory reputation as a prison colony, full of hardened criminals. Nevertheless, it held their only lead.

Emilia and company were tasked with a mission, a mission to locate Blue Blood. So when the team touched down, they immediatly set about their task and began making inquiries.

"What do you know about Blue Blood?"

As soon as that question was uttered all eyes suddenly turned upon them in frightening, almost military unison. The hostility was Unmistakable. Who or what was Blue Blood? Why were they attacked?

Your mission will reveal the answers.


Gather as many Prisoner Tags as you can as you ascend up the blocks.


Chapter Title Boss
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Prison Town Briking the Fiery
Chapter 11 Prison Town Voltmaker
Chapter 12 Prison Town Voltmaker
Chapter 13 Prison Town (Amplified) Voltmaker
Chapter 14 Prison Town Shadow Lady
Chapter 15 Prison Town Shadow Lady
Chapter 16 Prison Town (Adaptive) Shadow Lady
Chapter 17 Prison Town Lt Gustavo
Chapter 18 Prison Town Lt Gustavo
Chapter 19 Prison Town (Brutal) Lt Gustavo
Chapter 20 Prison Town Fallen Zennofonte


Rewards and individual ranking is based on the number of Prisoner Tags you collect during the Event mission.

Individual RankingEdit

Rank 1-5

Rank 6-10

Rank 10-50

Rank 51-100

Rank 101-250

Rank 251-499

Rank 501-799

Rank 801-1119

Rank 1201-1999

Rank 2001-2999

Rank 3001-4999

Rank 5001-7999

Rank 8001-14999

Rank 15001-25000

Lucky NumbersEdit

Those lucky enough to rank exactly 500th, 800th, 1200th, 3000th, 6000th, 8000th or 15000th at the end of the event will recieve this card as a present.

Reward Highborn Alexandra (Ultra Rare) x 1

Total Completion RewardEdit


  • Clear 100 blocks and complete every artifact set in the event.


Kris the Starfarer (Super Rare) x 1

Artifact Completion RewardsEdit

Complete artifact sets during the event to acquire the following cards:

'Data Ring' Artifact Set Reward

KW-06C Vericrume (High Rare) x 1

'Cosmic Memory' Artifact Set Reward

Sheema, Crimson Lotus (High Rare) x 1

'Kaieidobauble' Artifact Set Reward

Fancy Cat (High Rare) x 1

'Data Ring EX' Artifact Set Reward

KW-06C Vericrume (High Rare) x 1

'Cosmic Memory EX' Artifact Set Reward

Sheema, Crimson Lotus (High Rare) x 1

'Kaieidobauble EX' Artifact Set Reward

Fancy Cat (High Rare) x 1

Defeated Boss RewardsEdit

Defeat bosses at the points below to acquire these limited-edition rewards!

50 blocks

Dominica's Puppet (Rare) x 1

100 blocks

Yui the Diva (High Rare) x 1