As a social game, there are many terms and acronyms commonly used by players, many of which are not clear to new players. This glossary documents some commonly used terminology.

List of terms/acronymsEdit

  • PP
  • Pack(s)/Pot(s)
    • Generic term referring to PP or EP. "Pot" is a term from Legend of the Cryptids that references "Power Potion" and means the same thing as "pack."
  • PM
    • Perfect Max, a term used to describe fused cards at maximum level which had been upgraded to their maximum levels prior to fusion.
  • RM
    • Regular max, an unfused card at maximum level.
  • IMP
    • Imperfect, a fused card whose component cards were not a maximum level before fusing. Because of the nature of imperfect fusion, these cards always have lower parameters than PM cards.
  • F(resh)
    • An unfused level 1 card.
  • Junk Rare
    • Rare or higher cards with stats too low to be used. They are commonly used to level up skills of more valuable cards. They are generally defined as having a power rating of 7 or less.
  • Farming
    • The act of repeating a simple/trivial/monotonous action over and over again for in-game gain. This can refer to repeatedly completing early missions in order to amass Common cards, using lots of PP in order to keep attacking and earning BA points, or using lots of PP/EP to find and kill raid bosses.
  • BA
    • Battle Arena. This term can refer to Battle Arena events as a whole, Battle Arena points, which are earned during matches and over the course of the event, or cards with Battle Arena abilities.
  • Highball/Lowball
    • Trading terms for a sell price that is exceedingly high and a buy price that is exceedingly low.
  • B/S/T
    • Buy, Sell, Trade. Most topics on the Trading message board will have at least one of these abbreviations if the intent is not completely written out.