Galaxy Card Pack GCP 'Claim Tickets' are special tickets which allow a player to pick a card from the Galaxy Card Pack. Cards drawn from this pack are guaranteed to be rare cards, though the chances of drawing a particular card depends the on the card itself. Generally, cards with higher overall stats are less likely to be drawn, compared with cards with lower overall stats.

It is also possible to draw a high rare, super rare or ultra rare card from the pack, though the actual odds of such an occurance are quite small.

GCP tickets are awarded to the players reaching level 5, 10, 20 and 40. As well, tickets can be awarded for participating in and achieving certain rankings in various events, as well as for participating in promotion campaigns. Additionally, one ticket is given to the player when buying a starter kit from the in-game shop. Awards can also be earned from the 'Top' page by playing Monster Maestro, and other promotional titles.

Additional NotesEdit

The claim ticket cannot be used to draw from any other card packs in the game, which includes special promotional card packs. As such, any card draw rates from any other packs apply only to them, and do not apply to card rates for the Galaxy Card Pack.