Fusion is the act of combining two cards of the same kind in order to create a more powerful variant, known as the EX variant. Fused cards usually have an additional word in brackets just before the name of the card to indicate that it is fused. Similar to upgrade, the act of fusing also requires credits.

When a card is fused, its Level and Skill level are both reset to one as a price for having a higher maximum attack and defense stat. Additionally, both cards that are used in the process each contribute 5% of their attack and defense stats to the new card. If both cards are at their maximum level, they will each contribute 10%.

Because the new card's level is reset to one, players must once again upgrade the card in order to reach its new maximum stats. In addition, the maximum level is increased by 5, further increasing the time required to reach the cards new ceiling.


A card's rarity value also changes after evolving. Fused cards do not have an increase in rarity value. The fused cards new rarity value stays the same, though the cards worth usually increases. The following chart illustrates the rarity values of cards both before and after fusion.

  • Common = 1 Star
  • Common EX = 1 Star
  • Rare = 2 Stars
  • Rare EX = 2 Stars
  • High Rare = 3 Stars
  • High Rare EX = 3 Stars
  • Super Rare = 4 Stars
  • Super Rare EX = 4 Stars
  • Ultra Rare = 5 Stars
  • Ultra Rare EX = 5 Stars

Unlike other TCGs, you may not Fuse cards beyond their basic Rarity level; Common cards will not fuse to Rare cards, Rare cards will not fuse to High Rare cards, High Rare cards will not fuse to Super Rare cards, and Super Rare cards will not fuse to Ultra Rare cards. Referral Cards are an exception to this rule.


Stat Calculations of Fused Cards (Base is Regular Lvl 1 Stats):
Lvl 1 Max Lvl
Regular - x2.5
Imperfect Ex x1.3 x3.1
Perfect Ex x1.7 x3.5


Rarity Common Rare HighRare SuperRare UltraRare
Cost 575 2025 ? ? ?


  • When fusing two particularly strong cards together, it is often better to upgrade both to their maximum levels in order to ensure that the new fused card reaches its maximum possible attack and defense stats. Fused cards which have reached their maximum possible values are known as "Perfect Max" cards. A Perfect Max card will carry over 10% of the fused card's base atk/def stats. Fusing two cards together without maxing their evolution will only carry over 5% of their base atk/def stats
  • It is impractical to upgrade most cards' Skill level before you Fuse it, as the process of fusing resets the new card's Skill level to 1.
  • When fusing Rare cards, typically a rare card with a power level of 7 or below is considered a "Junk Rare" and is not worth the perfect max.
  • Upgrade your cards before you fuse.