RedIDRingArtifacts are collectible items found in game. Players obtain a specific rare card when they complete a set of artifacts. Artifacts can be found by obtaining a reward in missions and by battling others who already have them. Players can also gift artifacts to each other. There are many different artifact sets to complete.

How to obtain ArtifactsEdit

Artifacts can be acquired like common cards through missions, stolen from other players in Battles, or received as a gift from another player.

Stealing/Gifting rules:

  • Only artifacts discovered through a mission may be stolen/gifted.
  • If losing/giving an artifact would break up a complete set, it cannot be stolen/gifted.

Mission ArtifactsEdit

The value below represents the number of credits earned when donated to an Alliance . Artifacts cannot be sold.






ID Ring Hell Raven Malka 2,000 Chapters 02-05
Transporter Experimental Dragon Droid Vejim 2,500 Chapters 06-09
Newt Olga Clone Norch 3,000 Chapters 10-13
Holocube Meth Malka 3,500 Chapters 14-17
Glasses Sparksmith Camilla Vejim 4,000 Chapters 18-21
Starcorder Hohra the Observer Norch 4,500 Chapters 22-25
Data Buds Phallin, Undercover Ops Malka 5,000 Chapters 26-30

Event ArtifactsEdit

Event Artifacts are found randomly during Odyssey events. These artifacts cannot be gifted or donated towards alliances, but can be stolen via battle. All event artifact sets in a given event must be completed before the end of the event to earn the Total Completion reward. Event artifact sets can still be completed for the limited card after the event has ended, but the Total Completion reward can no longer be earned.

The event artifacts a player finds during events missions is based on the account faction. Each faction will only find 2 of the 6 colors of artifacts, so the remaining 4 colors must be stolen from other players.

Event Artifact TableEdit

Artifact Reward Element Event
Gravity Cuffs Fritz, Blue Blood Malka The Return of the Wardens
Prison Mask Marie, Remedial Deputy Vejim The Return of the Wardens
Jailor's Emblem Eramis, Amnesiac Norch The Return of the Wardens
Beam Blaster Drahomiel Enraged Malka The Badlands Resistance
Robot Lens Forthright Mattias Vejim The Badlands Resistance
Bobblehead Claris & Abe Norch The Badlands Resistance
Battle Hook Prisoner 51 Malka We Be Space Pirates!
Eyepatch Godfather Sid Norch We Be Space Pirates!
Mechanical Parrot Black Swan Vejim

We Be Space Pirates!

Christmas Poinsettia Minea Rider Vejim Cosmic Christmas
Christmas Bell Eleida the Hyena Malka Cosmic Christmas
Christmas Wreath Gargantua Norch Cosmic Christmas
Data Ring KW-06C Vericrume Malka The Imprisoned Princess
Cosmic Memory Sheema, Crimson Lotus Vejim The Imprisoned Princess
Kaleidobauble Fancy Cat Norch The Imprisoned Princess