Joining an AllianceEdit

Anyone may request to join an alliance; membership is dependent on an alliance leader's approval.

Currently, there are no search options for an alliance name, so to discover alliances you must:

  • Click on the alliance tab; 10 random alliances will be listed
  • Be invited by an alliance leader
  • Be invited by any member of the alliance (alliance leader must then approve)

Creating an AllianceEdit

Alliance creation is completely free. The conditions to create an alliance are:

  • Be at least level 20
  • Have at least 10 friends

Leaving an AllianceEdit

To leave an alliance, simply find the Leave Alliance button at the bottom of the alliance main page. Players cannot leave alliances while a Battle Arena event is ongoing.

If an alliance member needs to be removed from the alliance, the alliance leader can find a Banish button in the member list. Members cannot be banished during or after an event until the event rewards have been distributed; the Banish button will not be available. However, members can leave alliances during non-Battle Arena events. Banishing a member costs the alliance 20,000 collected credits.

Similarly, if the alliance leader wants to transfer leadership to another member, it cannot be transferred until after event rewards have been distributed. If an alliance leader has stopped playing the game without transferring leadership to another member, there is currently no standard process for resolving this issue. Please send an e-mail to Galaxy Saga customer support:

Alliance FacilitiesEdit

Alliances can buy facilities that offer the following benefits to its members:

Facility Description Price (Credits)
Weapons Factory +5% ATK/DEF to Vejim Cards 3,000,000
Robotics Institute +5% ATK/DEF to Norch Cards 3,000,000
Facility Lab +5% ATK/DEF to Malka Cards 3,000,000
Shields Reduces enemy BA point gain by 50% 50,000

Alliance RolesEdit

Members of an alliance can have different roles:

Title Bonuses
  • Purchase alliance facilities
  • Delete alliance messages
  • Assign roles
  • Collects alliance rewards from events
Sub Leader
  • Delete alliance messages
ATK Leader
  • +5% bonus to ATK
DEF Leader
  • +5% bonus in DEF

All members can donate credeits and artifacts (which are converted to credits at the time of donation).

Alliance officer slots are allocated based on size of the alliance; the bigger the alliance, the more officer slots available.


The number of member slots in an alliance grows with its level. New alliances will gain a new member for every increase in level, but as the level rises, more levels are needed to obtain another member slot.

The relation of growth to alliance size is unknown at this time.

Growth = Total Credits Collected / 1000

Alliance Level Members # of Officers Growth Credits Collected
 ?-29 29 ?
30-34 30 xx-14,999
35-39 31 ?
40-44 32 ?
45-49 33
50-54 34 7 42,000-70,000 42M-70M
55-64 35 7 (87,000)~(150,000)
65-74 36 7 130M-
75-84 37 7 - 475M
85-94 38 7 (510,000- 475M - 
95-? 39